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The super feminist film of Cannes? A Thirties-set Korean thriller from the director of 'Oldboy' - los angeles instances

Feminism on the massive monitor can are available in many ‎types.

It does not frequently, however, take the form of a twisty Korean thriller from the director of films like "Oldboy."

Yet it really is been one of the vital key narratives over the last few days of the Cannes film festival.  yes, Cannes, that area overspilling with feminist contradictions, where ladies directors knock away on the glass ceiling however the headlines are about Flatsgate; the place complex feminine protagonists fill the display however attention goes to Julia Roberts' red-carpet toes.

In "The Handmaiden" — a thriller informed "Rashomon" style by way of  original "Oldboy" auteur and all-round gore maestro Park Chan-wook — the two lead feminine characters are the narrative center of attention, they're the love story and, although there are times one or both looks powerless, they frequently benefit leverage, with their minds excess of their bodies. (adequate, there's lots right here involving their our bodies too; this is a lesbian romance that doesn't skimp on the sex scenes.)

"i'm no‎t fearful of this being known as a feminist movie, and positively I had that intention‎," referred to Park, by way of an interpreter, as he sat on a rooftop deck here Sunday. Then, in his inimitably more desirable-you-than-me-to-interpret-my-work method, he added, "however once you beginning labeling films you start focusing best on that. and that i don't want to focal point simply on that."

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definitely there's much more to be aware of in Park's movie, even because the primary takeaway, in an industry fraught with these issues, is of the feminist diversity. in response to Sarah Waters' early 2000s novel "Fingersmith," "The Handmaiden" is equally interesting to comply with and examine — an exactingly composed work, dripping in duration style and arty excess, that nevertheless calls for a lean-ahead consideration to plot.

The movie is most reliable preferred with at least prior capabilities. briefl y, it follows the younger Korean orphan and thief Sook-hee (Kim Tae-ri) who, within the Japan-occupied Korea of the 1930s, is dispatched by using a sharpie widely used because the count number (Ha Jung-woo) to become a handmaiden to the prosperous eastern heiress girl Hideko (Kim Min-hee). The count number has a scheme to separate the heiress from her funds by way of marrying her, and he and the thief conform to a a good option break up if things go in response to plan.

but soon after Sook-hee's arrival on the apartment — the place the heiress is tightly overseen with the aid of a domineering  uncle — they, well, do not. For starters, Sook-hee and Hideko fall in love, complicating the former's interest or ability to persuade Hideko marry the count number. And there is the count of who's in reality scheming to defraud whom. with out giving freely too a good deal, crosses and double-crosses abound in "The Handmaiden," as the story shifts much more than the factor of v iew. Suffice to say that three people all working for his or her own agenda capacity things are not what they seem, and what they're to different characters isn't always what they seem to us.

If all this sounds vague, all the stronger--once again, pre-screening lack of information can best heighten one's enjoyment of the film. constructed with the tightness of a Swiss Watch--or simply with the intent to make each aspiring screenwriter shamed-faced in envy--"The Handmaiden" will reward a 2d viewing when it comes out later this yr from Amazon Studios (first in theaters after which on the provider, probably in summer season as a "Snowpiercer"-fashion style counter-programmer). here is a movie that elements a good reveal--and then manages a short while to make you view that demonstrate differently. and that's all within the first half.

"‎after I selected the supply cloth, I failed to have targeted plans of what the story became going to be," Park pointed out. "there may b e betrayal and there are thriller points and there is very a whole lot a bigger graphic here. i was figuring all that out."

Park took on the Waters ebook as a result of one scene he says "mesmerized" him. (or not it's an early love scene, and it involves a lollipop, a tooth and a bath.)

there's, it can be mentioned, a lot of kinkiness taking the place of Park's common violence, although each spring from the same Expressionist sensibility. the shortcoming of violence may additionally shock these everyday with the director's signature work (it comprises vampire pic "Thirst," "Oldboy" companion piece "Sympathy for lady Vengeance" and 2013 English-language debut and serial-killer tale "Stoker").‎

but the director waved aside such absences.

"I didn't got down to make a film that could have less violence," Park, 52, stated  "all of it comesdown to good supply cloth and the tone and method required to handle these elements.

"besides," he introduced. "i thou ght that physical violence is never that critical for‎ this film — it's emotional violence this is known as for."

It also bears noting that a lot of the sex between both ladies is of the gentle, emotionally supportive diversity; or not it's the guys in the film, obsessed with a number of forms of S&M, who try to use intercourse as a way of domination.

Which brings us to the film's feminist currents. Essays can (and hopefully will) be written on such subject matters. Sook-hee and Hideko are, in this inflexible society, seldom superficially in can charge. but they are firmly in handle over their emotions (whatever thing the guys decidedly are not), and as the movie progresses they turn into, for the entire surrounding repression, uncannily adept at expressing them

Then they gradually circulation from taking can charge of their emotions to controlling others' fates.  If one become trying to find a movie that sets up a patriarchy most effective to provide a s treet map for knocking it down, Park has carried out it. That it come what may does all this within the context of such gleeful enjoyable most effective heightens the feat.

There are folks that will register a criticism about Sapphic sex scenes, asking if they're gratutitous, a center-aged male myth superfluous to the relaxation of the movie.  a pal after the screening lamented it became "male gaze-y" to feature the lesbian scenes in such sharp reduction and puzzled whether heterosexual intercourse would have garnered the same prolonged airtime or soft lenses.

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5 of the gold standard films at Cannes, From Korean Lesbian intercourse to Adam Driver Waxing Poetic - vanity reasonable

[unable to retrieve full-text content]arrogance reasonablefive of the most appropriate films at Cannes, From Korean Lesbian intercourse to Adam Driver Waxing Poeticvanity fairsometimes a day at Cannes is barely too busy for a critic to sit down down and write a full review of each film he's seen. however this 12 months's competition turned into crammed with amazing titles, from in all places the world, so it will be a disgrace if I didn't highlight one of the vital ...

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Drones drop films, assistance into N. Korea, activists say - CNN

Jung Gwang-il, founder of the community No Chain, said the drones were providing the contraband since early 2015.

The SD playing cards and USB flash drives contain Western and South Korean movies, tv shows, track and internet-free access to Wikipedia -- media so that it will assist get outdoor suggestions to North Koreans, who are kept at the back of an invisible wall that cuts them off from outdoor have an effect on.

the usage of such drones has long been discussed among North Korean activists, but it surely's the first time a gaggle mentioned that it had been secretly using them to make deliveries to North Korea.

"I put excellent hope in these sticks," talked about Jung, keeping up a USB flash drive as he spoke on the Oslo Freedom forum on Wednesday. "I trust this has energy to bring freedom to my nation." No Chain and the Human Rights basis have quietly delivered more than 1,000 SD cards and flash drives to the communist nation by means of hexacopter drones, they noted. The corporations declined to show from what countries the drones are launched -- and how these countries respective governments might think about it -- and the place the dropoffs are, citing security reasons.

The groups chose to send media on account of its vigor to demonstrate outdoor existence to North Koreans, said Human Rights foundation President Thor Halvorssen.

"The regime is making an attempt to cease soap operas, Hollywood films, and issues like k-pop. For the acceptance as a powerful community of vicious tyrants, they may be actually somewhat terrified of some thing so simple as cartoons and tv courses. This challenges their iron grip of the North Korean americans," he talked about.

delivering info to North Korea

For a long time, efforts to carry outdoor guidance or enjoyment into North Korea were decidedly low tech.

Radio courses made for North Koreans can get their frequencies jammed.

Balloons carrying pamphlets, SD cards and USB flash drives were released in hopes that the wind would raise them over into North Korea. every so often, the balloons flow off route into the sea or returned into South Korea. the majority and size of the balloons make them pretty conspicuous and straightforward to music.

traders and activists have employed smugglers to lift items akin to chinese language cellphones, media and other items over the North Korean border. however counting on a community of people within the secretive state is dangerous and unhealthy to the people concerned, Jung mentioned.

The trade isn't only activist-driven, but also requested by North Koreans who crave assistance beyond what's accepted of their state, talked about Jung.

"A USB flash pressure prices a month's wage for a North Korean worker, however regardless of high costs, the North Korean americans need backyard data," stated Jung.

"In that darkish land, there are still americans hungry for information."

Human Rights groundwork funded the efforts, Halvorssen referred to.

After months of trying out in secrecy, they determined to make their activities public as a way to "inspire different civil society agencies to take knowledge of latest technologies."

"With further and further other actors, it may have a big effect in expanding volume of info moving into," Halvorssen noted.

The drones can observe a certain route and drop off their payloads in a selected area.

Halvorssen observed they may be able to load a few kilos of SD cards and flash drives on one drone. He additionally mentioned there are safety hazards concerned -- together with what might ensue to the drones if they're captured.

Why Jung desires to ship okay-pop to North Korea

Jung, who escaped to South Korea in 2004, said he turned into first inspired to make use of the technology after analyzing about how Amazon changed into checking out drone deliveries and he wondered whether it will work to get small items akin to flash drives and SD cards into North Korea.

He has testified a couple of times about his imprisonment within the notorious Yodok political jail and about the torture he persevered in a jail camp -- experiences that led to him to lose his faith within the regime.

As he has recommended from South Korea, Jung's identification has been puzzled via the North Korean executive -- a typical tactic used to goal vocal defectors.

In fresh months, North Korea has attracted attention after announcing that it had conducted test launches of missiles and has tested a nuclear device.

The nation also appears widespread with drones. South Korea has alleged that as many as three unmanned propeller planes strapped with cameras have come into its territory from North Korea. Scientists said all three instruments have been programmed to come to the North.